Finland will show educational tools, applications and platforms to support learning in Chilean schools and other countries in the region.

The free event will bring together exhibitors from Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Finland and Chile. It is organized by Plus Finland and OTIC Proforma and sponsored by the Embassy of Finland in Santiago and Business Finland.

Attendees will be able to learn about Latin America school experiences. The health emergency forced the world’s schools to adapt learning methodologies, and along the way, teachers had to promote new forms of teaching, an issue that has brought an overload of the educational system.

Education faces great challenges and Finland has thought about how to respond with multiple solutions, with an adaptable, flexible and technological nature, which have served to face the pandemic in many countries of the world. Many of these experiences have been transferred to regions of the world, to countries like Chile. In the country and in other nations of the continent there are testimonies of Finnish education that have had a positive impact on local schools.

Sharing these stories and challenges is the objective of the free Webinar of Latin American Finnish Educational Experiences, which will take place next Wednesday, August 26 at 9:30, organized by Plus Finland, together with OTIC Proforma.

The Finnish experience

The Finnish experience has a lot to contribute and this is a great opportunity to promote Finnish tools,” says Katariina Tervakangas, from the Finnish Embassy in Chile.

It is an opportunity to promote solutions within reach, in an effort so that teachers have opportunities to see education in perspective, other experiences that can contribute to their training and consequently to their students.

We look for ways in such a way that teachers, assistants, educators or principals do not have to pay to be better,” points out Francisco Moreno, founding partner of Plus Finland, a company of intelligent educational solutions, inspired by the successful Finnish education model and that is in the Register of Experts of Business Finland, one of the main actors in the development of the Finnish educational sector in Chile.

OTIC Proforma works actively in the development of people, providing efficient advice on the correct use of the Tax Franchise for training. “Today we are interested in bringing these issues that will allow our education partners to participate and commit to making real changes to the current educational model in our country,” says Claudio Muñoz from OTIC Proforma. In the activity there will be 10 exhibitors of various nationalities, including Finland, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. Some platforms in Spanish made in Finland Mightifier and Lesson App are two intelligent platforms that are testing their versions in Spanish in Chile and that work hand in hand with the Finnish Classroom Program of Plus Finland. Teachers can have their versions for free.

Lesson App has had a huge reception in Spanish-speaking schools, as a support tool for teachers, since it allows them to plan their classes using modern and innovative methodologies and structures, regardless of where they are. “We are very happy and proud to be part of the online seminar with Plus Finland. It is very exciting to penetrate new realities like the Chilean one”. “We hope this tool helps in the teacher’s daily work at school. The basic version of this professional development tool is free and with the Premium version, users have access to more specific features and functions, such as distance learning, ”says Ellimaija Ahonen from Lesson App.

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