LessonApp got funding from Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
to develop a new application version and strengthen partnership network for better growth internationally.

LessonApp Ltd. has developed a mobile application for teachers, with an aim to spread it to teachers all over the world. The application is based on Finnish pedagogy and provides the teachers pedagogical support and a tool to plan lessons.

The aim of the project was to develop a completely new version of the LessonApp application with new features using the latest cross-platform technology. This will boost the company’s competitiveness and internationalization. During the project, our company also strengthened our partnership network.

Developing a new application

During the project we developed a new version of LessonApp application with new features, using a new technology. The newest cross-platform technology was utilized for this task, along with the expertise of one new recruit to the company.

Piloting the new application internationally

One of the tasks during the project was to pilot it internationally in several different countries, gathering feedback and making necessary changes based on the feedback.

Strengthening of the partnership network

Our company aimed to find at least one suitable distribution channel (digital platform or organization) in each of target areas in order to spread knowledge of LessonApp and sell licenses in these areas. The goal was to deepen cooperation with existing organizations sharing the same goals and values. This task was important for the success of the long term goals of the project, and for supporting the growth of the company.

Project results

Feedback was received from the Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Malta, Bangladesh, Albania, and Romania. We reinforced the partner network, including the Czech Republic, Romania, and Thailand.

Immediate results include a new employee, a new application version, activation of the partnership network, and closer relationships with partners.
Long-term effects include the potential to expand the application to new markets, a foundation for new language versions and further development with new technology.

As a result of the project, we also identified the need to explore and test digital marketing opportunities in the B2B segment, in addition to distribution channels and local partners.

"The new starting page is excellent, full of useful tips and material! The way the planning of a lesson has been divided to separate parts also makes it much easier to use”

“I find LessonApp to be a useful tool for lessons – for designing and organizing them, having more in the way of methodology and tips & tricks for teachers. I find the readable material, helpful for teaching certain lessons and for organizing, structuring them by moments, time, in class. I think it would be useful to have a LessonApp for the whole school.”



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