LessonApp is based on modern pedagogy

LessonApp is based on modern, research-based pedagogy. LessonApp follows the very same principles teachers in Finland are taught during the teacher training and what they apply every day in their classrooms.

Finland is known for its state-of-the-art education system and outstanding results in international learning comparisons. What is not so commonly known, is that Finland is basing its education practices on scientific research and an understanding of how teaching and learning are related to each other.

Modern educational research has clearly revealed many factors that promote learning: learner’s own activity, participation, collaborative learning (learning with and from the others), reflection, connection to prior knowledge, using versatile methods, physical activity etc.

This contemporary learning theory that has been the basis for teacher training in Finland for years is called socio-constructivist view of learning. LessonApp helps teachers to plan pedagogically meaningful lessons based on socio-constructivist approach.


Socio-constructivist view of learning rests on following principles:

  • Learning is perceived as an active, not a passive, process, where knowledge is constructed by the learner.
  • Knowledge is mutually built and constructed in the social contexts of learning
  • Previous knowledge, understanding and experiences are relevant when learning new things.
  • The teacher’s role is to support and nurture the learning process: teachers are facilitators who enable student’s development and learning.
  • Positive emotions promote learning