Benefits for students

  • Versatile and inspiring lessons
  • Willingness to go to school because less boring and monotonic classes
  • Support different learning styles and students with different learning strategies
  • Students will achieve better learning
  • Improved wellbeing at school
  • Happiness and joy of learning
  • Less stressful school days
  • Children get top quality education

Benefits for teachers

  • Teachers gain professional insights and improve as a teacher: developing planning skills and preparation for classes
  • Wellbeing at work: save time, less burden
  • Useful ideas with less effort: curated materials created by teachers to teachers
  • Help and practical ideas for distance teaching
  • Collegial support: working together with other teachers
  • 150 ways to activate your students
  • Daily workflow is more inspiring and rewarding
  • Lift up professional self-esteem: teacher appreciation catalyst
  • Finnish tool in your pocket: mindset and actions with the Finnish approach
  • Get to know educational innovations from Finland
  • Be part of international teaching community

Benefits for principals

  • Lead a school with a Finnish twist
  • School Manager Dashboard for tracking activity
  • School leaders and managers are always up to date
  • Bring added value for parents and administration level
  • Tool for pedagogical leadership in a school community
  • Easier to communicate with parents and local school authorities about the development done in the school
  • Teachers´ wellbeing in focus
  • Share best practices within a school community
  • Cope with covid-19 circumstances and provide support with distance teaching

Benefits for schools

  • School is adopting a Finnish EdTech tool and bringing value to their school community
  • Raise the school's profile with technology in education: innovative pedagogy of the future
  • Boost for marketing under the Finnish brand
  • Differentiation from other schools
  • Help with student enrollment and customer acquisition
  • Positive impact on teacher recruitment and retention
  • Data driven approach
  • Useful statistics supporting digital transformation in school: number of lessons made, lesson plans, active teachers etc.

Benefits for families and parents

  • Children get top quality education
  • Children enjoy going to school
  • Transparent teaching: what´s going on in the classroom?
  • Modern research-based pedagogy is in use
  • Students learn 21st century skills vital for the future success