”It’s so easy to use!”

“You grasp the idea of innovative lesson planning at once!”

These are the best possible feedback we get from the teachers. (My personal favorite is: “This is too good to be true!” ?). What we wanted to create in the first place was a tool for teachers to help them in their work.

We never invented a mind-blowing technology first and then started thinking “What could we use this for?” For us the pedagogy came first. We wanted to pack the modern, research-based pedagogy into a simple-to-open package.

We wanted the innovative lesson planning to be visually seen and easily understood.

The key questions were: How to make it really easy to perceive a lesson structure that promotes learning? How to make it effortless to choose from various effective and inspiring ways to carry out lessons?

We wanted the tool to be easy to perceive and understand. Making the lesson planning visual seemed to offer the simplicity we were looking for. Creating different building blocks to represent the different, yet essential phases of lessons, provided the users the possibility to construct their own lessons. Moreover dragging the needed building blocks to lesson planning template gave users a concrete experience of actually constructing the lesson themselves.

Pedagogy was clear, but making everything work smoothly needed different kind of expertise. Only talented coders with knowledge about user-friendly interface could make the technology work invisibly for the user. Furthermore we needed teachers to use and test the app to find out about all the bugs and features not working optimally for them.

Our aim was to cocreate the app with the actual end-users. Only when teachers find the app working seamlessly and providing ease for their everyday work, have we achieved our goal. We wanted to make the giving feedback for us as easy as possible, so we put the Contact us button in the main menu of LessonApp.

Listening feedback from teachers is still the most valuable source of ideas for us.

But it seems, we have probably done something right: we just got acknowledged by Apiumhub when they listed 10 most promising edtech solutions that are making a difference in the way we learn. Their description of LessonApp was succinct: “t is a very simple app that helps teachers to organise their classes in a very Finnish way.”

Thank you Apiumhub for your credit! It seems we’re on the right path ?.


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