LessonApp has launched partnership with Tampere University of Applied Sciences, School of Professional Teacher Education in Finland.

Thanks to our collaboration the teacher students of the university have access to LessonApp Premium version and can utilise it during their pedagogical studies.

“TAMK School of Professional Teacher Education, Finland is excited about this and looking forward to collaborating with LessonApp.”

Kaisa-Leena Ahlroth
Pedagogical Innovations,
Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Last year we took part of The New Era of Learning project which was part of 6aika project organised by TAMK. The response from the participants was delightful and very encouraging:

I found the videos at Pedagogy section very insightful. LessonApp clarifies the cornerstones of Finnish education. The practical approach like situations in a classroom is highly appreciated. This app is useful especially for teachers who are starting their career or facing new subject.

LessonApp doesn´t only offer opportunity to plan a lesson but also gives new ideas how to structure a good lesson. This app is unique! On top of that it is quick and easy to use.

In February 2020 the faculty members took part of the tutorial course and discovered many practical ways to teach lesson planning, adopt activating teaching methods and share best practices.

Team LessonApp is eager to get feedback and comments both from teacher students and teacher trainers how to improve LessonApp and make it even more relevant “must have” tool for every teacher around the world!


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