“The Smart Learning Environments for the Future project offers an excellent opportunity for companies to develop their products in collaboration with users, namely pupils, students and teachers. The project provides companies with an opportunity to gain valuable user experience in a facilitated manner and test their products and services in the educational institutions of Finland’s largest cities, thus giving participating companies a valuable reference for the future.” from The New Era of Learning project website which is a part of6Aika project.

With the support of The New Era of Learning project, LessonApp had a workshop organized in collaboration with TAMK Tampere University of Applied Science in April 2019. The workshop was about developing LessonApp by the help of educational experts and all people interested in the topic of edtech startup development.

In the workshop the participants familiarized themselves with LessonApp and gave feedback about LessonApp’s current features. They also generated new ideas about how to use LessonApp in their own worklife and what features they would add.

You could read more about the workshop from the project site (in Finnish):


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