LessonApp provides a great platform for teachers around the world to exchange ideas about teaching different topics.

This time we would like you to meet Ms Stephanie Saliba, a Maltese primary teacher from Mater Boni Consilii St Joseph School Paola. She has used LessonApp for planning her lessons. In addition, she has utilized Seppo, a Finnish gamification tool, for making her lessons more engaging. We asked her, how did she get interested in Finnish pedagogical tools like LessonApp and Seppo.

As a school we have participated in various talks about Finnish pedagogy administered by Learning Scoop and they have been very interesting. I was also given the opportunity to attend the basic study tour in Finland and it was such an enriching educational experience for me. I learnt about LessonApp and Seppo during both talks held in Malta and in Finland.

How do like using LessonApp?

LessonApp is a tool which helps educators like myself plan lessons interactively from the very beginning of the lesson till the very end including activities depending on the level of the students and the topic.

What do you find best in using Seppo?

Seppo is a gamification tool which could be used for any subject and age. It encourages collaboration between students, it encourages students to move about and learn in a fun and interactive way. Since my students are young, my students also learn how to use a digital device and improve literacy skills.

Is there something you would like to wish for the other teachers around the world during this pandemic?

We are all in the same situation together. There are many ways of reaching out to your students so do not be overwhelmed with so many new digital ideas, do what you feel comfortable doing making sure that you show them that you are there for them and always encourage them to stay safe and keep well. 

Thank you Stephanie for your wise and encouraging words!

Stephanie visiting Tampere, Finland, during Learning Scoop’s study tour


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