LessonApp is now available in the whole territory. The tool has been commercialized by the local partner Plus Finland through Aula Finlandesa platform and it is also part of the Consultancy and Big Projects of the company.

A teacher from Easter Island – in the middle of the Pacific – can share a class with a teacher from the southernmost town on the continent. Teachers in rural areas and throughout the whole country can access to the LessonApp thanks to the collaboration with Plus Finland, a Finnish-Chilean company working on education sector in Latin America.

LessonApp is part of some projects lead by the company inside the country, and also, it is actively promoted between teachers from everywhere in Latin America, as it happened weeks ago with a workshop to learn about Finnish methodologies organized by Plus Finland and LessonApp. In this opportunity more than 50 people from Honduras, México, Perú, Venezuela, Colombia, and Chile discovered the benefits and features of the application.

Plus Finland: A local partner working on eduexport

Plus Finland works in Chile and its purpose is to build bridges between both countries (Chile and Finland) by promoting the Finnish education solutions in Latin America. The enterprise is in the register of Business Finland Expert Search, due to its supporting role to help the internationalisation of Finnish companies working on education and sector.

The company has created Aula Finlandesa, an educative programme with several solutions inspired by Finland’s education system. This is also an e-learning/e-commerce platform to promote Finnish solutions developed by official members of Education Finland. Find out more: www.plusfinland.com  and  www.aulafinlandesa.com


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