Playing Bingo outside!

With Bingo method, students walk around searching for things. The method motivates children to study in an active and fun way.

The teacher creates a bingo sheet and sends it to each student. The bingo sheet can be a 5×5 grid, for example.

Each grid box has a word or an image. The student’s task is to find the agreed number of words or images: things like a tree or a vehicle or a traffic sign etc.

It would be good if at least some of the things the students are looking for are outside. Bingo method is a good outdoor exercise.

If a student finds 5 things in a row on the grid, he gets a bingo.
To get a bingo, the things in the grid can be positioned in a row vertically, horizontally, or from corner to corner.

Bingo method is one of the distance teaching methods in LessonApp. It can be found in the building block of Practicing / activating students.

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