Here starts a new blog series about lessons you can find in LessonApp! During the year we will present and explain 20 different lessons which all have been designed using LessonApp.

Hopefully you will get ideas for your own lessons or you could use these right away, with of course a bit modification to suite just for your students.

We will have different writers from our network but also the familiar faces from the team LessonApp. There will be a various lessons from different age groups and group sizes.

But for the warm-up, here are some things to consider for the lessons just after the (“Winter-” in Finland) break:

  • Do you have new students? Do they know you? Should you introduce yourself? Or just have a little chat with familiar students about the break to smooth the start?
  • Introduce the upcoming topics, do you have at least a roughly timetable ready for the Spring?
  • Do you need to refresh everyones memory about the rules in the class? Any advice for the students how they can perform as well as their goal grade requires? Do the students have clear goals to reach for?
  • Do you have goal(s)? For the teaching or for the balance of work and free time?

We like to support your well-being for offering ready-to-teach lessons and tips for teaching to ease the workload teachers and trainers have. Please comment and share your thouhgts about the upcoming lessons in the blog or in our social media channels: facebook, instagram or twitter, which you will find below.

Have a happy semester everyone!


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