Team LessonApp had an amazing trip to Malta in February! The core mission of our trip was to launch LessonApp Premium and our collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Malta. We also had a possibility to train teachers, visit University of Malta and meet staff and students in the Faculty of Education etc. Thank you Malta for the great collaboration!

On our day of arrival, our partner, Dr. Kenneth Vella introduced us to his school St. Joseph Mater Boni Consilii, Paola and the renewed playground

St. Joseph Mater Boni Consilii School provided multiple engaging learning spaces and environments. Thank you for an inspiring visit!
Tuomas Taubert and Ellimaija Ahonen went to the University of Malta, Faculty of Education to meet students and personnel. Tuomas explained the characteristics of the Finnish education system to an interested audience. Tuomas and Ellimaija also introduced LessonApp to the students and staff. Thank you for the positive and constructive feedback!
It was our pleasure to launch the collaboration with the Maltese Ministry of Education. The Maltese primary teachers get LessonApp Premium for the end of the year 2019 Minister Evarist Bartolo receiving the certificate from Johanna Järvinen-Taubert. We thank Malta for great collaboration!
During our visit we had a chance to introduce LessonApp to over 300 Maltese teachers. We instantly received such positive and inspiring feedback from these talented teachers.

In LessonApp workshop participants got to try to design their first lessons with LessonApp.
“I will definitely start using LessonApp!” “This gives so much possibilities to include warm-up and reflection to lessons!” Thank you also for the great suggestions on how to develope LessonApp further! Progress on the way… 😉
Team LessonApp with our Maltese partner, Dr kenneth Vella. Thumbs up for the start of great collaboration!
On Saturday 16.2.2019 it was to time to launch LessonApp Premium officially. Dr. Kenneth Vella giving the opening words.
There was media present at the launch. Not an everyday task to talk to the TV-cameras… 😉
Good conversations after the launch took place.
Happy team after an excellent and inspirational trip. Thank you Malta!


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