An important milestone has been reached: you can finally buy Premium licence from!

Basic version will stay free — forever. As a basic user you will get all the basic features like lesson planning tool and browse and apply other users lessons. You have an access to over 50 different teaching methods to choose from for lesson planning. You can also save ja print your lesson plan. All the pedagogical instructions and videos are available. If you are a new user, you will get to try Premium for free for one month.

Premium licence has all the features available and it includes an access for over 150 teaching methods. There is a classification for methods for easier browsing which method to choose for the lesson plan. For the professional development Premium users get to use a self assesment tool to evaluate their own progression as lesson planner and as a teacher. And many more features to come, as Premium users will hear about them first!

If you want to buy more than 10 licences, feel free to contact us [email protected] and ask for an offer! There will be features for communities like schools to use for their benefit.


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