LessonApp is continuously under construction by our software developing team, which includes our co-founder Tuomas and couple of part-time coders. They are sweating to get new features running and available for our growing teacher community. Thumbs up for their effort!

Our latest features for Premium version are
1) Method classification, which helps to find suitable method for a specific school subject and
2) Like button, to give and get feedback in the form of an apple

We have a dream to make this app “a Treasure Chest for Teachers” to find new ideas both in good or stressful times. There are a lot of new features we would like to include, but as a young startup, software development takes time.

Next we have planned to code:

  • Self assessment tool for teachers to develop themselves and to acknowledge their professional development.
  • Commenting lessons to allow discussing and reflecting how the lesson went in reality.
  • Following other lesson planners to get notifications when your favorite teacher plans a new lesson.
  • STEAM library for lessons and projects to integrate science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics
  • Saving draft lessons to allow to continue planning the lesson later on.
  • A possibility to choose with whom you share your lesson plan, for example just for your school community or yourself.
  • Print and/or share your plan for example for students or colleagues.

What do you think we should do next?

Please, comment and share your ideas, which of the above features are the best and should be done next? Or do you have your own wish? Take part in the discussion in the comments or answer the poll in our Facebook or Twitter page. We believe in co-creation and would love to take your opinion into account!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LessonApp/status/1114082193008148481


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