LessonApp, a mobile lesson planning tool for teachers has been welcomed to Malta.  LessonApp Premium was launched in February 2019 in Malta during an International Seminar. “This pioneer collaboration with Ministry of Education in Malta enables every primary teacher in Malta an access to LessonApp Premium. We are very happy about this and looking for the results and feedback”, Ellimaija Ahonen CEO and CO-Founder of LessonApp commented while in Malta last February.

Since then nearly 500 Maltese have started to use LessonApp.  The mobile lesson planning tool is in use in 78 different countries, but tiny Mediterranean Island has made the largest database of users just in 5 months – thanks to continuous collaboration with Dr. Kenneth Vella and other local partners and stakeholders. “It is impressive to see that teachers in Malta have found this practical tool and have started using it in their daily school life. As 45% of LessonApp users come from Malta we find it a very important to listen Maltese customers carefully for our product development and when planning the future,” Ahonen points out.

“During this era with unlimited flow of information and efficient communication technology, how is it possible, that we cannot offer basic pedagogical knowledge and tools for every teacher around the world?” Johanna Järvinen-Taubert, Co-Founder of LessonApp and Chair of the Board is questioning.  “Coming from Finland, a land with excellent learning results and a strong ethos for equality, this seemed fundamentally unfair for us.”

LessonApp was developed to tackle the challenge. A group of Finnish pedagogical experts, teacher trainers, business developers and software designers believe that teachers are the game changers in the field of education and want to empower them.

Finland is renowned for education excellence, efficiency and top learning results.  “Designing quality lessons is in the very core of teacher training in Finland. During Finnish teacher training teacher students are taught different options and possibilities to design lessons in a pedagogically productive way. We gathered all the knowledge we have related to learning and activating teaching methods and packed the data to an easy-access format in mobile phone. Pedagogy we use in Finland is research based and used by Finnish teachers in classrooms every day. That´s the reason why LessonApp can also be described as a mini version of teacher education from Finland”, team LessonApp sums up.

Collaboration with Malta has continued for many years and in many forms. International Education Seminars are held yearly in Malta for hundreds of participants. In addition, groups of teachers and principals have travelled to Finland to take part of Study Tours arranged by Learning Scoop. These educational trips enable access to high functioning schools and make positive impact on professional development of the participants not forgetting the global connections made during the stay in Finland.

User feedback from Maltese users

”The App is a practical tool that introduces teachers to practical ideas for lesson planning while serving as a space to design, store and browse into other examples of lessons for future use. The idea of blocks that make up different stages of the lesson allows for reflection and teachers’ own input in planning to apply what is required for their own contexts of teaching and learning. App may be used to get ideas proposed by the team but its potential also lies within the space and opportunity provided for the teacher to note down own ideas to direct each stage of planning.”

”I like the fact that the tool is very practical, quick and easy to use. Above all, it is so enriching based on pedagogical principles, provides such a resource bank of teaching methods and builds a community of educators. Thank you.”

LessonApp is available in PlayStore, AppStore and www.lessonapp.fi/download

Contact information:

Ellimaija Ahonen                                                                        
Co-Founder, CEO
LessonApp Ltd
[email protected]
Twitter: @LessonApp
Facebook: LessonAppFI
Instagram: lesson_app


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