Helping teachers plan better lessons easier and faster!

LessonApp helps teacers:

Cut down on work outside the classroom

Create better lessons

Improve student engagement


Benefits for schools

  • Investment in pedagogical quality and better learning
  • Support for teachers' professional development and competencies
  • Raise the school's profile with technology in education: innovative pedagogy of the future
  • Streamline the school management work with easy-to-use tool
  • Data driven approach to school management: number of lessons made, lesson plans, active teachers etc.

Benefits for principals

  • Raise the quality of teaching
  • Enhance better lessons and better learning among students
  • Stay up to date: School Manager Dashboard for tracking activity
  • Support teachers' professional development and competencies
  • Teachers´ wellbeing in focus: time saved, less burden
  • Share best practices within a school community
  • Easier to communicate with parents and local school authorities about the development done in the school