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Finnish teachers design lessons using rich and creative pedagogy based on the latest scientific research. Their approach is usually student-centred rather than teacher-led. They focus on designing lessons which motivate students’ learning and improve students’ 21st century skills. Finnish way of teaching has been proved very profound and effective in terms of learning outcomes and students’ wellbeing.

At the moment, LessonApp is not tied to any curriculum, but can be used in any country regardless of the curriculum. If customization is needed, please contact us.

  • Basic version is totally free of charge. Premium version is free for the first month.
  • Basic version includes over 50 teaching methods. Premium version includes over 150 teaching methods.
  • Basic version users can save max.10 draft lesson plans while Premium version users can save unlimited drafts. Basic version users also have to share lessons with others. As a Premium user you don’t have to share your lessons.
  • Only Premium version users have access to new features such as ‘Method classification’ for finding a suitable teaching method, Distance Teaching, Private Groups and ‘Self assessment tool’ for professional development.

You may check the Download page for more upcoming features to the Premium version.

Currently LessonApp supports English, Portuguese, Spanish and Burmese. You can change the language in your profile settings. However, feel free to use any language to create lesson plans, and mark them as a plan with that language.

If you know your username or email, you can request a new password here. Otherwise, you can contact us at, we will help you to get your account back.

Yes, you can find some examples of lesson structures for different types of lessons in Pedagogy section. You can also browse other teachers’ lesson plans and apply them as you wish.

LessonApp covers all subjects in K-12 school. It doesn't matter what subject you teach, or where are you from, you can design your lesson plans using LessonApp.

If you are using Premium version, you could use a method screening tool to help yourself find the most suitable methods for your subject.